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where I report what we did my friends and I, and of course the rest of the class too during
our trip to england about Shakespeare’s life.

I hope you will enjoy this trip as I did !Clin doeil 

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15th : The departure

7:00 p.m.
I close my bag, eat and drink in the kitchen. I take my battery for my camera. So, I’m ready to go. I close the door, and I am sure I forgot something, but what ?

7:15 p.m.
We are near to the bus, we talk about our trip my friends and I, that will be so cool !

7:30 p.m.
We wait somebody…You don’t know who ? Hajer, of course Clin doeil! I phone her but she doesn’t anwser her mobile phone. We wait. At 7:40 p.m., She arrives.The bus starts, and my phone ring, that’s Hajer’s number, I anwser, in fact it’s her mother, she forgot her phone in her house. Her mother wants to talk her.We say goodbye at everybody, the trip start !!

The night just comes to begin, my program :MP3 and candies.I try to sleep but it’s not easy !I slept just 4 hours.Scelle

16th part 1 : On the ferry

7:00 a.m.
We are on the ferry, in the port of Calais. We go in the canteen to have breakfast : chocolate-milk, bread, butter and jam. Mathilde, Carole and I go on the deck, and take some pictures of the sunrise. We stroll on the boat. The crossing is long 1h15. The white costs of Dover are majestic with this sun, and it make me think Pirates of the Caribbean, it was like if I hear the music in my head…Oh sorry, sometimes,  I’m a little bit too poetic Cool.
On the deck
Marie-Astrid and Héloïse on the deck, in front of sunset, like actresses. Bisou

16th part 2 : Warwick Castle

After some hours ( during I slept Clin doeil), we arrive in front of the castle. Everybody is very very hungry !! Then, we could visit the castle and the garden by littles groups. I eat my lunch with Carole, Mathilde, Emma and Hortense with her big bottle of Coke Rire. So after our good lunch we decided to start the visit by different room : chinese bedroom, livings rooms, and bathroom.In all of rooms there are strange wax doubles : countess Daisy, earl Edward VII, Churchill, Prince of Wales, and others famous persons. It was really realistic !We continued the visit…It’s a great hall, there are weapons like swords, launches, and armours for knights and horses. So, we go in the court, I look my map, and I said : » Hum…there are many towers, so let’s go ! »Sourire.We explored the mound, the Guy’s tower ( there are 300 steps !), and we went along the way of guards, it was so cool but very tiring !And we finished with garden because there is a show with eagles,owl and vulture.

impressing dining room !! 08.jpg wax statue warwick
very lonnnng table                 the vue                                  wax statues     Warwick   

emma and hortense !
Emma and Hortense, we caught them !!

That’s all for this visit, so we will go to Burmingham, and Carole, Mathilde and I will met our ‘family for the trip’, and we hope it will be cool because we are very very unlucky girl and -surprise !- Mrs Robertson is so cool and very sweet her house is in a neighbourhood which looks like ‘Wisteria Lane’ in Desperate Housewives ( TV show) ! There’re two rooms, so Carole is with me and Mathide is alone ( but her room is near our so it’s okay Clin doeil !). We are so happy because her house is so beautiful ( her fournitures comes from Ikea !My favourite shop Langue), and she’s really nice. Hum I’m tired, so see you tomorrow for another ‘super-day’ !Cool

17th Stratford-upon-Avon

Mathilde, Carole and I are ready at 7:20, so went in the kitchen…nobody. Where is Mrs. Robertson ? Then we wait few minutes, and 5 minutes later, she arrives and excusing herself because she didn’t hear her alarm clock !Langue. And we take our ‘big-breakfast’ : cereals, with milk, toasts and butter and jam !(yuuuum !!). She drives us to the bus, and we saw many pupils in the streets in uniforms.

We arrivein Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, in Stratford-upon-Avon. Anne was William Shakespeare’s wife. The visit start, we have a guide, she explains our she lived in the cottage during her childhood, and show the principal room : the kitchen, where wife had always to keep care the fire for it doesn’t put out, because that the only heat source for the house. And she show our plates in woods.After, we can go into the garden, where there are flowers and a labyrinth, so was really pleasant and resting. Marie-Astrid shot a moment where we are on a bench, you can watch it here :
on the bench, some friends

And at 1:00 p.m. We lunch near the Avon.At 2:00 p.m. we visit the church where Shakespeare’s tomb is.But for seeing it, you have to pay !Argent And I think that doesn’t worth it, and I don’t want to paid for that because I prefer spending my money for presents for my family or maybe for me Langue

At 3:30 p.m. We have freetime for shooping, Mathilde and I found some presents for our family.

During the way of the return, we stopped to a Sainsbury’s, a supermarket like a Carrefour or a Auchan because in ‘English-version’ Clin doeil. I bought food that we don’t know in France, like Smartie’s chocolat cake or a box of chocolat mint Finger and I found a pack of ‘mini-Pringles’ !!

After we all take the bus to go home, this day was really tiring, but nice !
We dine at 8:00 p.m. and we tought a very long time with Mrs. Robertson ( about more than 1 hour 15 !) about firstname english and french, talk show and uniforms for girls and boys and in the religion.It was really interresting !
At 10:00 p.m. we tchat a short time Mathilde, Carole and I because we want to sleep, so good night !Clin doeil

18th Oxford

Like the other morning,but it’s hard to wake up at 6:45, but Mrs. Robertson cooks for us english muffins ! Yum! After the breakfast, she drives us to the bus where we wait the bus and our friends, and teachers too. Jamila, our bus driver arrive, it’s time to go to Oxford !
Near 10:00 a.m. We arrive in Oxford.It’s a beautiful town! We are divided in 2 groups. Carole,  Mathilde, and I are in the first group: a woman welcomes us and we start the College’s visit, that will be amazing ! Oxford is made
of 39 colleges. The Trinity College was founded by Mr. Thomas Pope in 1555 .In colleges, there are ‘fellows’, they are a bit like professors, but they have an administrative fonction. However they don’t make lessons, they make ‘tutorials’ for little groups (3 or 4 students at the same time) .We visit the the dinning hall, the chapel of Trinity, and the guide explains us that the students must wear the university suit just for official ceremony and the 2nd service in the dinning hall.After a tour in Trinity, we go through different buildings in the town, like a famous library, you can see it in Harry Potter, and something Carole really enjoys: a copy of the « Pont des Soupirs » of Venice!Carole and I find that really fun because it remember our a level in
 ’Lara Croft, Tomb Raider’ (the video game), I don’t remember all but I think we had to break windows, but I’m not sure Langue, but I think if I will play this game again, I won’t be able to break it, because that’s really beautiful !
But bad point for Oxford : I freeze ! Mecontent!
'Pont des Soupirs' english version  Oxford street

For lunch, we are sitting in a beautiful park, under a chinese cherry tree !This tree make me think Mulan, the movie, and the park is the same in Neverland, the movie too (with Johnny Depp !Rire  ).

Now: a play of track through Oxford! We have a questionnaire for that.Carole, Marie-Astrid, Mathilde, I, and other girls are the first group who leaves.Carole and I really want to play the game so we try to be the first who arrives…and we are !With an advance of 45minutes…So we did some shopping, I bought me a cool green T-shirt with the inscription in glitter green: ‘Oxford University’ ! I’m so happy !Cool
But later, in the bus we learn that we aren’t the first…we are only second !Triste! Just kidding !

At Robertson’s, we eat and talk, and talk, and talk…Oh ! It’s 12:00 p.m. It’s time to sleep, we are so exhausted but I really really love this day (even if It was cold !).Sourire
Carole and Mathilde after a long day

19th – 20th London and our return

the houseOh my god !It’s time to wake up, we will be late !! Mrs Robertson drives us to the appointment, and we say goodbye to her, and thank to her too ! She was really nice.Sourire

AT 2:30 p.m. The Globe theatre, we arrive !We walk, and walk, and walk through London, and we finally arrive at the Globe !Yeah !Carole and I really liked the guide welcomed us because she was absolutly keen on her subject! CoolShe explained us many things about the daily conditions in the theatre, the price of the ticket, the colours of the decorations,etc. She was amazing! Carole says me that it’s her favourite visit, I think that’s great too !!
After having visited the theatre, we work: we play theatre with the guide !We begin by expressing feelings: love Bisou, hate Cri, by gestures ! Then, we play some counterparts from Romeo and Juliet.So romantic ! Something else wait our…
The Globe img00241.jpg London 
But before that, We have to walk a veryyyy long time , and it was very hot!So, we arrive at the bridge to take the boat.I love taking the boat in general, but sometimes I’m ill…But I was with Mathilde, Emma, Hortense, and Carole : we talked and took a sunbath looking at the Tamise!CoolSo cool, isn’t it?
The last day was very very great !
the london bridge buidings
A short moment on the boat : Shot by Marie-Astrid ! thanks to her.

But now it’s time to go back in France. So we take the bus and a very very long travel is waiting for us…And one sleepless night too. On the boat, I buy a ‘female magazine’ ( : often stupid) : the british Cosmopolitan,Argent not just for me, for my mother too…But I’m happy to had bought it, because I can’t sleep.( actually I slept 3 hours I think…). Oh that’s Place Bellecour, it’s 9:30 a.m., we are a bit late. Nobody wait me because my parents works…But it’s okay then I can sleep all the morning.RireI really enjoyed this trip, it was interresting and funny too !

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